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For those of you who don’t know me I have a bit of an obsession with food. I wasn’t kidding when I said I like to make my grocery list, shop for my items, put them away in the fridge and pantry and of course cooking/baking and eating them (or feeding friends) What has always been interesting for me is how some people don’t see the enjoyment that food can bring. I used to grind my teeth in my sleep because I would literally be chewing as though I were eating in my dreams! I would be falling asleep thinking about food, wake up thinking about food and even planning my next meal before I had finished the one I was currently making or eating.

Growing up my mom cooked and baked everything from scratch. To this day I still prefer to make my own everything. Ian and I make our own noodles (we have yet to master a good gluten free noodle recipe but we have tried) our own sauces, I even bake my own bread! I figure if it’s going in my body I’d rather know what is going in it than buy it premade with preservatives and other “stuff” that I can’t even pronounce.

The dilemma I currently face is that I have a gorgeous kitchen (pics to follow) and tons of storage space, but I have the world’s smallest fridge! I was so in love with my condo when I went to buy it that I totally overlooked the fact that my fridge was so small. For most people this fridge would do just fine, but the amount of fresh produce I keep on a regular basis this fridge does not allow. I have however managed to fit 2 weeks’ worth of produce in there – but with the caveat “be careful when opening!” I need something to help keep the door closed sometimes!

The day I decided to by my condo was pretty surreal. It all happened in 11 days. From making the decision to buy, to setting up an appointment with my realtor to putting in an offer. When you see my kitchen you will understand why I moved so quickly. Purchasing a home was a very exciting, necessary and amazing experience that I wouldn’t give back for anything. A lot of things were going on in my life.

I had recently ended a 4 year relationship with a guy I was living with. I quit my job for a new one. I started my own small business and ultimately was making some big decisions about me for my future. It wasn’t easy being in that position but when I made up my mind to do something I went ahead and did it. Best. Decision. Ever!

When I first walked into my apartment Lisa (my realtor and my sister in law Jenny’s sister) had to pinch me and told me to play it cool. I was instantly in love. I am only showing you the pictures that I took shortly after moving in because that’s all I have where my kitchen is somewhat clean.


Floor to ceiling cabinets with those doors that close themselves and don’t slam (great for at home , but bad when going to other peoples homes and you slam the cupboards all the time) hardwood countertops and a massive sink! Who needs two sinks when you can have one huge one? It also had a dishwasher another exciting moment!

I have tons of kitchen tools. If I need it I buy it and you best believe I use it! Not one thing in my kitchen goes un-used. One thing that has always been key in my baking has been using my own hands. Something about feeling the texture and consistency of the ingredients really let’s me know that the dough/batter is ready. I rarely ever use a mixer except when making meringue but have recently found myself needing a mixer to make some of my gluten free and Paleo treats. So some exciting news to share! After years of wanting but never really needing my life will change with the newest “small” appliance. It will grace us with its presence tomorrow. Stay tuned for pics!

On another note tomorrow will be full of excitement when I share some exciting news with you all! (Yes the mixer but there’s other news as well!!)

Here’s a pic of my “dining room”. This table is from my childhood as are the chairs. My parents shipped it to me from Ottawa because when I moved in all I had was a wine rack and a water cooler!

Ciao for now,


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  1. Lisa Sedlic says:

    Ya your kitchen pretty much rocks!

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