Mixer: First attempt

All this excitement with the new mixer, and I finally got to use it! I really wanted to make those Paleo cookies but I need my Cuisinart Food Processor, not my mixer. I was then going to make a Gluten Free Coconut Lemon Lime Syrup Meringue cake, but I started too late and didn’t want to be up all night (plus I really wanted some cake!) Cake and tea for dessert tonight.

I say first attempt because I’m so used to controlling the speed etc. in the mixing that letting the machine do all the work will be an adjustment. Let me tell you one thing….flour EVERYWHERE! Note: do not add flour when mixer is on and moving quickly. The mess is no more than had I been doing it myself mind you, because I do make one hell of a mess.


On another note, I absolutely LOVE that I can walk to the fridge, get missing ingredients and it’s still mixing. This might change my life and save time. Yay!

Can’t wait to try some of my long awaited recipes!
Next up: discussing my lifestyle change, Alkaline diet.

PS: this cake is nothing fancy, and tastes just the way if sounds.


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  1. Awesome work! I thought Ian asked you to make bread, What happened with that? lol Love your blog by the way keep at it!

  2. Taisa Rose says:

    Well Maikel I’m sure you’ve discovered how impatient Ian is. He couldn’t wait till Sunday! Bread will be this weekend 🙂

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