Part 1 – Goals

As you know I have struggled with my body image and weight loss my whole life. As I’ve spent more time focusing on health rather than weight I have bit by bit become more comfortable in my skin.

About 2.5 years ago I was at what I felt was the closest to my ideal weight ever. I was working out daily, was vegetarian (except fish) drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep. Lots of things in my life were good – but there were many that we’re not. Emotionally I was suffering – unhealthy relationships, not satisfied in my career and hating my home life. When I made the decision to change those things, life got better, but it also got more complicated. I now had a mortgage, I was in a new relationship (very exciting but I still had a lot of work to do with Taïsa) and started a new job. Boy oh boy!


Life became real then. Responsibility took over and I actually started feeling like an adult, not just a girl that was living carefree. I started exercising less, then hardly at all, then it was just the fun things we would do as Ian and I were getting to know each other. I also rediscovered meat and had my first steak and wine meal. Ian cooked me a rib eye, with butter and blue cheese, mashed yams, grilled asparagus, prosciutto and cheese and bread to start with champagne and red wine to wash it all down. He did this at the top of Mt Seymour (one if the ski hills here that I can see from my living room window) on the back of his Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. Life changed again! It was delicious and decadent and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Over the last 2 years I have slowly gained well over what I had weighed when I was at my biggest. This was a hard thing for me as I had already struggled for so many years. I was so close but I let it drift away just by being lazy. Ian and I ride bikes, we hike, we golf, we swim we like tennis, he plays hockey I ride horses, yoga, skating – we love our activities! But we weren’t consistent and we weren’t eating in a healthy way that my body liked.

This past February Ian and I got engaged in Maui! We are really excited to get this wedding planning going – in the meantime I’m thinking “I have to fit into a dress”. At one of the bridal fairs I joined an event called Bridefit Challenge. I competed to win a spot in the contest, to try and win my wedding gown. Although I increased my fitness level, decreased my body fit an increased my muscle mass, I still had not lost any weight!

I even ran a Tough Mudder! Tough Mudder was intense and I had a lot of fun. Would I do it again? Sort of. I would because I enjoyed the event, the challenge and the teamwork, but I don’t need to spend that kind of money to do something I can do on a hike through the Forrest. I highly recommend it though because now it’s “I did a tough Mudder, I can do that!” No more doubting myself, it’s always worth a try.


I am currently working on putting together a new goals list – which is going to be necessary for my new job, but also so I can say it out loud and keep myself accountable. I have been doing yoga on a daily basis which I will continue to do, but am also going back to the gym. I’ve been afraid because of my hip/lower back injury but I’m feeling better so it’s time.

First three fitness goals I will share:
December 15th – fit into my birthday dress from last year (10lbs down approx.)
December 21st – new outfit for friends annual martini party (12lbs – I’d love to say 15 lbs but I want to be realistic)
January 12-17th – I have a date range as I will be celebrating my 30th birthday on the 17th and want to buy a new red dress for the event (20-25lbs would make me happy)

I am using a weight goal because I know I have some pounds to lose even if I get more fit or healthier I’ll be happy but I would like to finally see the number go down.
Gym doing lots of cardio, some weights and yoga at lunch. Plus I’m at the barn twice a week, and any extra activities on weekends and evenings!

I will keep you posted!

Ciao for now!


Starting point. First peak if The Chief.

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  1. Emma says:

    Way to go Taisa!!! It’s a long but rewarding road!!! Keep up the amazing work but remember, you’re beautiful no matter what!!!

    1. Taisa Rose says:

      Thanks Emma! It’s really about feeling good in my own skin. So much time and energy spent in my inside that I want to focus in my outside! Now I said it out loud I HAVE to do it. Thanks for your support!

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