Another visit to another restaurant last Thursday. I went out for food 5 days in a row! This used to be a big part of my life, but more recently I spend my time cooking or being cooked for and rarely eat out. I LOVE restaurants, trying new foods and critiquing everything in them, but just try to be more budget friendly by cooking at home.
Thursday my former coworker Matt took me for lunch. The new Chewies in the Guinness Tower (next door to the marine building downtown Vancouver) had recently opened and we thought we should check it out.

It wasn’t very busy (we got there around 11:30) and sat at a table for 2. We chatted with the server a bit about the menu but decided on a couple drinks to go with our Gator and Hush Puppies.





I had the Lonetree Authentic Dry Cider and he had the Parallel 49 Gypsy’s Tears Ruby Red Ale. Both quite good and refreshing! The Gator and Hush Puppies were well done. Served with a jalapeño relish, the gator was tender and the hush puppies had fresh corn in them.
We then ordered our main course. We had a few glitches along the way, all things common for a new restaurant (wobbly table to name one). Matt had the jambalaya which was quite popular the guy said and I had the Seafood Pot du Feu (pot of fire) it had lobster, prawns, scallops and fish with a creamy flavourful broth served with “dirty rice”.



Jambalaya was hot and packed full of meat. The “fire pot” however was cold and….my seafood wasn’t cooked! They took it back and re-made it, plus they took it off our bill! They promptly made me a new one and were very apologetic and open to my comments on how to improve. It was very tasty and something I will definitely try to recreate.

Chewies does “buck a shuck” from 3-6pm and definitely a great place to venture for a seafood lunch!
Located at 1055 West Hastings

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