Last Day at Ignite – Carrot Cake Muffins

Today was my last day at my job I’ve had for over 2 years. I was an IT (Information Technology recruiter) for a family owned and operated company. In my experience, companies that are family owned and operated wee great on one hand, but tough on the other. In this case I had maximized my efforts as best as possible within the company. I am still waiting to share where my new job will be as I want to start before I announce it.

On my last day it was requested that I bake. Which is pretty normal considering my team have been my guinea pigs for over two years. I have tried recipes out on them (most of which have been successful) and have enabled me to then sell my product to others. Last night I made Carrot Cake Muffins. I even went so far as to do little carrot designs on top. Very happy with the result!


What’s awesome is this recipe makes either two huge cakes or (this time) 5 dozen muffins!!! I was able to bring enough to work! Ian brought some to his coworkers, my bachelorette party on Saturday and my dear neighbours birthday next door. AMAZING!!!








I love baking. I love when people truly love what I’ve made. And can’t wait to share more. The recipe is pending!


These are neither gluten free nor Paleo. Full on baking goodness next attempt is Paleo for sure so Ian and I can enjoy them too!

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