Halibut Ceviche – try it then tell me it’s amazing!

Everyone balks when I describe how ceviche is made.
It’s fish that’s cooked by being marinated in citrus. What could possibly better? I made this a few years ago and it’s been a hit ever since.

Simple, somewhat time consuming, gluten free, Paleo, alkaline AMAZING!!!

Halibut Ceviche (Serves 5-6 for dinner)

9 lemons (if you want to make less it’s a 60/40 lemon to lime ratio)
6 limes
Juiced in the same bowl (this is what the fish marinates in and what will be the base of your ceviche)
2 lbs halibut – cut into small pieces
Toss them in with the lemon/lime
Chop 1 bunch of cilantro
Chop 3 green onions
Diced red onion – small onion
2 tomatoes diced
2 avocados (cut into chunks)
Crushed garlic – few cloves – I like it garlicky so I usually have 4-5 and I like to crush it because the juice squirts into the lemon/lime mixture and no massive chunks when eating
Mix it all in with the fish and lemon/lime
***fish goes in first before all the chopping happens to allow time for it to “cook” this is about 45mins long***
Add 1 heaping tablespoon of grainy mustard (taste the ceviche at this point)
Drizzle olive oil – I’d say less than ¼ cup – just to add to creaminess and texture
Add salt and pepper to taste
Can sit for a few hours (in the fridge)

Patacones (If feeling adventures – you could always use tortilla chips instead)

Plantain (usually 1 plantain per person)
Slice into large chunks (about 4-5 pieces per plantain)
Fry – all sides till golden brown, either deep fry or a deep pan with oil
Remove from oil – flatten and then return to pan (I use a small cutting board to flatten and a spatula to pick it up and put it in the pan)
Fry till golden brown
Add salt
Serve with ceviche

Put a bed of spinach in a bowl
Place ceviche on top
Tuck Patacones around the perimeter


For the record – this is one of my most coveted recipes but Ip HAD to share such a wonderful dish. Some call it great for the summer in a patio with a glass of Kettle Valley Pinot Gris or Tinhorn Creek Gewurtztraminer – this is also a wonderful dish with a glass of red, in the dead of winter.

Buen Provecho!!

PS: I need to figure out this recipe thing and will make them more user friendly and printer friendly and all that jazz!


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    1. Taisa Rose says:

      You’d love this Kaya!!!

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