Ian’s Birthday Cake/Pizza Party

One thing you have to know about me and my passion for baking is that I don’t want to put my name on something that doesn’t taste good. I really don’t care if it’s ugly (unless I’m being paid to make it of course) but rather that the cake is moist, the icing isn’t too sweet or too buttery (I know this May be hard to believe but it should be a balanced flavour lol) and that the overall texture is out of this world. I love that moment when someone first bites into something I’ve baked. Currently one of the more rewarding moments in my day 🙂

Ian has decided that he wants chocolate cake for his birthday, which then translated into chocolate cake with cream cheese and strawberries………think about this for just a minute. Chocolate. Cream cheese…..strawberries! Ok so I get it with the chocolate. I get it with the chocolate and strawberries but team we are not talking about cheesecake. We are talking straight up cream cheese. So…what I did was put up a fuss about making a cake without a recipe – because let’s face it, baking needs recipes or lots of time to try new things and experiment.
10 people is not the time to experiment! Ok ok wait. The reality is that my friends and family have always been my guinea pigs. But when it comes to cakes, I’ll try a new recipe, but I won’t invent something totally new without a trial first.

So after sometime I found a recipe! Chocolate bundt cake with cream cheese filling. I added strawberries on the side (little strawberry sauce shooters) to add if desired.


I’m slowly getting better at this picture thing. I promise I will make a point of doing even better!


I wanted to share this Zyliss whisk with you. It’s perfect for mixing dry ingredients. I only use it for dry and it blends perfectly! I suppose based on the website it’s meant for sauces…. I’ll have to try that sometime. Please note I have a baking drawer and cooking drawer. These tools do not get used for anything but their purpose and no blending of sweet and savoury. Just the way it is.


I added two tablespoons of this to the water used to make this cake. I also added a 1/4 of sour cream to the cake and 2 tablespoons to the filling. Why? Because it looked like it was going to be dry. The espresso powder is to enhance the chocolate flavour. The powder is awesome and can be found at William Sonoma. Shout out to Marilyn for this as a birthday gift last year!



Top is filling ingredients. Bottom is cake batter. This recipe is really easy. Not something I’m excited about making again however. It was just an ok cake. Mind you I don’t love chocolate. Sooooo could just be me. Ian loved it and that’s what matters.


Finished product! Not too shabby if I say so myself.



Appies! Another shout out to Marilyn for those. Soooo delicious!

Pizza ingredients


Couple of our pizzas! Mmm mmm.

We had a blast!

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