Today was a beautiful day! I woke up and went to an hour long hot yoga class with Nadine. It was my first time at YYoga it was not easy as I was tired, still full from the pizza party the night before and feeling heavy! But we did it and now I feel amazing! The yoga room itself isn’t huge but it has beautiful wood beams and a huge window where the sun poured in. I smiled every time I looked out the window.
We had a great class that was pretty tough but left tired and energized all at the same time. My intention for my class was to get refocused for the week. We have had parties and dinners and plenty of treats this week with it being Ian’s birthday, so I was feeling sluggish because my food hasn’t been spot on. So this class was to refocus my mind and body and get into my groove. And of course to have fun and spend quality time with my friend.
Nadine and I then went for brunch. And in typical Taïsa fashion, I forgot to take a picture. I had Huevos rancheros at Caffé Barney on Main Street. Free parking outside which was a bonus, close to home and we got a table right away. Nadine had never been and it definitely hit the spot.
My dish wasn’t traditional Huevos Rancheros but it was eggcellent (like that?) it was two perfectly poached eggs baked with cheddar cheese on a bed of homemade salsa. Served with black beans, hash browns and corn tortillas. I ate every last bit on my plate and washed it down with coffee and water. Definitely something to recreate at home. Nadine had a chorizo, tomato and mushroom omelette which had cheese oozing out of it. It looked awesome, which was confirmed by Nadine. Again, no picture!
In and out in less than an hour 🙂
Now to make the grocery list and get the food organized for the week!

Ciao for now!


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