My Other Passion

Today my intention was to write about one of my new favourite meals and also prep a restaurant review to share with you guys. I think the hardest part about writing my blog so far is that I get so excited to share and sometimes I have no time or energy left to actually share just how excited I am about whatever! Instead I’m sharing something exciting and fun and very personal to me.

My plan this evening was to get my Vision done for my vision and goals training on Friday. I was going to tell you about my other passion another day, but just couldn’t wait. I set my vision aside knowing it was going to get done either way, but am on such a high right now that I wanted to write about this instead.

My other passion (MOP) is my two nights a week I get to spend with my favourite four legged friends. Horses. I started riding when I was 7 at a pony club that I used to have to ride my bike to in order to go. Down my big long hilly road, across the main road and all the way up a really steep road. Just to get to the road to the Stables…..that had 4 huge scary dogs on the way. It was a bittersweet thing! I hated the bike riding part but did it every weekend for years just to take riding lessons. Never mind the huge hill to get home!

I’m not going to bore you with my whole riding career but I wanted to share with you why I LOVE horseback riding and why I love being at the barn. After a 5 year hiatus the love of my life got me riding lessons for my birthday. I cried. I had missed it and all it took was a little encouragement and I was back in the saddle!

Now I get to go to the barn twice a week and push myself to get better and better. When I’m at the barn I’m in a totally different world. It’s as though nothing else exists. I am 100% whole heartedly invested in me and my horse. Nothing else, no matter how good or bad can change my focus and determination while I’m riding. I was particularly excited after my riding lesson today because it was a full 360 from last week.

I ride a 17.1hh Dutch Warmblood named Levi. He is a red chestnut gelding with the sweetest disposition and demeanour and I absolutely love him. Like me, Levi was out of shape and hadn’t been ridden in awhile. One of my friends bought him and I get to ride him in my lessons. The other horse I ride is a tiny little chestnut mare name Ruby. She is about the size of a medium-large pony. Is young. And jacked up with energy. I call her Ruby Blue and she is awesome. Both horses are totally different. And both bring different challenges, but both are equally as rewarding and fun for me.

Last week my ride with Levi was not awesome. We got over the jumps, he was moving forward, but I kept messing up and spent 50% of my lesson figuring out something that Levi knew how to do, but I was confusing him! Long story short it was a mess, not much fun but I learned something about me and him in the end and we ended on a good note.
Today was a totally different lesson. I went in mentally prepared to rock it and let me tell you we did! I have been working hard on myself, my fitness and my goals and tonight was awesome because of my attitude.

Levi was a rock star. I crushed my lesson with flying colours and was so proud of myself and him! I was focused, determined and didn’t let anything get me down. What we did was tough. Something we’ve never done before and managed to get a round of applause by those watching us. Hands down the biggest high I’ve had recently!

I had to share this today to truly demonstrate just how amazing I feel and how proud of myself I am. Sometimes the smallest things can feel so big!!!

Levi and I after our less tonight!
Will have to find a picture of Ruby and I as well 🙂

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