Shane and Bake Chicken Wings with Paleo Ranch dressing tossed salad

Shay Shay changed my life. He introduced me to “Fried chicken” sans frying! No greasy mess to clean up, no multiple dipping bowls for your chicken, just light crispy “fried” chicken.

The picture doesn’t really do it justice.

Simple delicious and Gluten free!

Recipe for Shane & Bake Chicken Wings

However much you might need for the amount of boneless chicken thighs you plan to make – Few tablespoons of Gluten Free flour (you can use regular flower I like my GF Oat Flour)
Seasoning salt – Hy’s, Red Robin or Costco brands – whichever you have
Seasoning – I use Epicure Jamaican Jerk or anything else in the cupboard

Preheat oven 375ish (gotta love my directions!)

Lightly flour the chicken thighs
Place on baking tray that has been lightly greased

Bake 20 mins
Bake another 20 mins

And voila!

I often want this cobb salad style and decided to make a paleo ranch salad dressing for my tossed salad

1 cup Paleo Mayo (recipe to follow) if you don’t want or have paleo mayo but you are just trying to watch your dairy use Hellmanns
1 cup Coconut milk
Fresh or dried dill
Fresh or dried garlic (if fresh mince to a paste and add salt)
Salt (if not added in the garlic)
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

I use a mason jar and shake it all up or one of those tupperware salad dressing makers


Iceberg lettuce
grated carrot
cherry tomato
canned black olives
Baby dill pickles
Whatever you have lying around that you love in a salad

Toss the salad and serve with the Shane & Bake “Fried” Chicken



Paleo (for the most part) alkaline and soo easy and tasty!
Recipe props to Shay Shay and Tan Tan – always inspiring us to live healthier lives and shake our booties!)

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