What do you do to keep yourself balanced? What happens when you are off balance?

I have no trouble waking up and going to work on Monday morning – but I am often feeling “off balance” on Mondays after spending a weekend not eating 100% alkaline. After a weekend with some wine or drinking. Staying up late, getting up early, you know the drill. I discussed this briefly the other day. How eating certain things can really affect my mood. It doesn’t matter how many times I go through this in my mind it has still been far too difficult to push past on Monday.

Balance – food, exercise, sleep, fun etc. how do you achieve balance on a daily basis?

I was running through my schedule and realized that I have very little time for me. Taking the time to relax, enjoy and not be scheduled is something that I have been trying to practice for many years. I grew up very go go go. Lots of activities, always keeping busy. When was the last time I sat and read a book? And not just a few pages at a time?

When the groceries are done and the house is clean – all those other things fall into place. I also realized today that I was feeling low energy and very hungry (which I thought I left in my past life) but I think I figured out what it is.

My daily schedule is very busy. I am settling into my new job (WHICH I LOVE!!!) but still working on the balance in my day. I have a lot to do and I know I can do it if I just make my to do lists, prioritize and stay fueled.

I start at 7am. Setting my alarm for 5 (getting up for a morning run) and having breakfast when I get to the office by 7-7:10am. Then I have my morning coffee. I am always hungry at 10:30 (which means scheduling meetings before or after so that I hit that 10:30 slot.) Then yoga from 12:30-1:30pm then lunch. Now before if I ate lunch at noon I would have a snack at 2:30 but now my snack time needs to be closer to 3:30-4pm. Then I typically head home and start cooking dinner so I’m fed before, horseback riding, yoga, golf, tennis – whatever activity is schedule for that evening. But that would be it for food for the day.

What I figured out was that I’m training more but missing my snacks, so not fuelling my body. Well that’s not going to work now is it?

All that to say that if I sleep in, skip my run, rush to prep breakfast and lunch etc etc. my whole day can be put off because mentally I’m not on my game. I am re-evaluating my schedule, my meals and all of that to help with my balance.
Working on finding time where I can read a book, see a friend or just relax 🙂

I’d love to hear what you do to find balance and how you might work as a team with your loved ones to free up time so that when life gets busy, you still feel like you’re connected.

Tree pose in Times Square

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