February Challenge

In light of goals and fitness training my co-worker suggested we do a “Fit for February” challenge between our team. Each of our goals are different but all relate to being healthier and being happier.

My challenge is do lose 8-10 lbs (1-2+lbs per week) in the month of February. We weigh in one a weekly basis and track our success.

What I love about a challenge like this is everyone wins! It’s not who loses the most or who beats the other person – it’s about us working together to help each other meet these goals! I think if I can do a fitness challenge each month I can drop the fat I want to lose – while training for my half marathon.

On the note of half marathon training – the new yoga/fitness studio open this week at work. We have a brand new yoga studio, a cardio room (yay running inside when it’s pouring rain) free weights and we even have a meditation room. I have the ability to do all my “work” (work work and workouts) at work! Let’s talk about the change rooms and showers for a minute – it looks like a spa in there! I can’t wait to get sweaty and get cleaned up in there. Definitely being set up for success!

Another note – I fell off one of my horses yesterday and managed to pull al the muscles in my neck and back. No kundalini class for me today, and likely have to take it easy at yoga tomorrow morning. If I can do it I will!

Look for my next post on Flourless Chocolate Espresso Cake – going to make one girl a very happy birthday girl! Oh and wish me luck with my February challenge. I’m down 1.7 in my first week!

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  1. Maz says:

    Awesome Taisa….I excited to hear about your Feb challenge. Hope your neck and back are ok!
    Xo Maz

    1. Taisa Rose says:

      Thanks Maz! Whole body hurts but overall I’m ok. No broken bones or major issues (so far!)

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