The Plan – February Challenge

How do you go about losing 1-2+ lbs per week, safely and having it stay off? This is really a testament to being consistent in all aspects of my life.

– Alkaline
– Light protein – chicken, eggs, fish
– Vegetables – as much raw veg as possible, lots of greens
– Fruit – limited fruit to avoid the sugar
– Non Alkaline – no dairy, limited simple carbs
– Alcohol…this is a tricky one! Love a glass of wine and think it has to be little to no alcohol. I only drink on weekends anyways, but a taste here and there or having too much on the weekends will revert all the other efforts.

– Being consistent!!!
– Run – training for my half marathon – approximately 3-4 runs a week
– Yoga – I want to be doing yoga 5 days a week. I have the option to do it in the morning and at lunch so definitely want to take advantage of that
– Swimming – I’d like to schedule 1 swim per week – distance will vary on my stamina
– Spin – 1 spin class per week

– exercise 5-6 days a week
– prepping food
– taking time to sit and read and not worry about anything

It’s currently February 13th – half way through the February challenge – I will be happy no matter what my success is. There will still be a challenge the next month to get me to my goal!!!

Easy pan fried chicken with mushrooms
Salad (help with the raw veggies) Paleo ranch dressing
Cucumber, 4 olives, tomatoes, romaine and some cabbage
Delicious and nutritious!

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