Sunday Healthy Turkey Chilli with Gluten Free Cornbread


This weekend we had a lazy and wonderful weekend. Valentines day which we don’t typically celebrate – Ian made homemade beef burgers fully loaded with a bit of cheese and even bacon.

You may not know this but I don’t LOVE bacon. I LOVE a good BLT and I do like bacon on my burgers, but otherwise, I could live without it. Well I suppose that Julia Child’s recipes ALL call for bacon – so I don’t seek it out but I’ll use it in my cooking. I digress..

Saturday night was the anniversary of our engagement! It’s crazy to think that a year ago he proposed….and we still haven’t picked a wedding date! We celebrated by snuggling all day and then we hit up Bob Likes Thai Food for dinner. We had some tasty dishes and left satisfied! Oh and the service was great.

Today we ran a few errands and managed to get everything done in time for a nice brunch at Chaise A hidden gem I’d say. Although it was quite busy. I had a delicious beef tip hash and Ian had eggs benedict. I was oddly craving hollandaise….

Finally we get to dinner for tonight…and most of the week I’m sure!

I was going to make a wicked vegetarian chilli – but someone said we needed the added meat protein because of our Seawheeze training – we agreed on lean turkey! I tossed in, onions, 2 lbs lean turkey meat, garlic,mushrooms, red pepper, celery, carrots, corn, kidney beans, some cumin, turmeric and a bunch of chilli powder, a dash of salt and some pepper. It’s cooking on the stove as I type.

I really wanted to do a cornbread to have with it. It’s cold dark and rainy and what is more delicious that chilli with cornbread? I have a few great recipes, but none were gluten free. Until I found this amazing blog where I feel I have met my soul mate – who also has an affinity for butter! I will definitely be trying some of the other recipes on there and will keep you up to date on any additions or changes I make.

Bon Appetit!

Chilli simmering

Cornbread ingredients – NO STARCH woo hoo! Can you say amazing!





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