Things that make you go…ooh!

This week has been pivotal in my life.

I recently started taking some B supplements – B12 and B100 Complex because I was feeling tired. No energy (WHAT? how is that possible?) and not rested. 

I was doing my typical weekly routine – but was sure to add a couple runs, a spin class and last but not least the most intense yoga class of my life so far!

**Side note – I got a tripod stand (teddy bear stand) for the first time since grade school!

I hadn’t done yoga in over a week and my body was craving it. Was I tired because I wasn’t eating well? No! I was eating great, fuelling my metabolism, eating when I needed to and not going crazy overboard. I did step on the scale and noticed it went up a bit this week but PIVOTAL MOMENT #1 – I wasn’t attached to the fact that it went up. I looked back at my week and thought to myself, you had tons of energy. You were focused and clear with your thoughts and feelings. You increased your exercise and was sure to be active everyday (sweat daily ya’ll!) BUT you also had a piece of Apple Date cake two nights in a row, a rugoleh from Seigles Bagels (a must try!) and a cookie to celebrate a birthday. That’s more sweets in 1 week than I normally have in a whole month. I reflected on what I had done, what I had not done and where I needed to make the changes.

Loving the B supplements – whether it’s in my head or not!
Loving the sweat daily – yoga 5 days a week (at work), run 4 times per week, riding twice a week Spin 1-2 times, Barre fitness 1 time and trying to throw a hike or bike ride in too. All of that while eating at home and having time for fun and to be with my love. PHEW sounds exhausting but it’s been exhilarating!

Pivotal moment #2 – feeling like I hadn’t done ANYTHING at work, when realizing that everything I’d done had been work related. Whether to advance my personal development, professional development, someone else’s personal/professional development, communicating with my managers etc. It was all work. But the best part was – it didn’t feel like work.

I shared this with several people – consensus, “that means you love what you do!” 
I LOVE WHAT I DO! #joblove!

I have the support in place, I have the motivation and now I energy to do it. Watch out you guys, lots of fun stuff to come!
Remember – get sweaty! This is #thesweatlife


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dad says:

    Things usually happen in threes. Was there one more pivotal event you have experienced with these other two events Taisa

  2. Ian Cook says:

    Looking Good could not be happier for you…xo

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