My First Invention

I said I was going to write more.

I haven’t.

I said I was going to invent 1 new recipe – well I sort of did. Rather than follow a bunch of recipes I want to try and make up my own.

I was inspired by a dish I made awhile ago but I did the cooking temp etc all on my own and used items that I had around the house – double whammy!

Chimmichurri Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Oven to 350

– mushrooms
– onions
– peppers
– tomatoes
– zucchini
Chop all above items and toss in a roasting pan
Spoon a few tablespoons of chimmichurri (left over from the steak dinner) and toss the veggies so they are coated in oil and herbs.
**If you don’t have left over chimmichurri – use any fresh herbs you do have, chop some garlic, throw in some salt and pepper and oil whatever you have will do**

Take 6-8 chicken thighs (or any chicken you might have) and wrap each piece in bacon (if you have prosciutto it’s even better!) If you use a breast cut it in half. Nestle the chicken on top of the chopped veggies and spoon a bit more chimichurri.

Place in the oven for 30-40mins.

Serve with mashed potatoes, quinoa, noodles – whatever you like. Best for alkaline is as is!




One Comment Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome Taisa! This looks great and I am sure it tastes even better!!

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