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Yes. I said it out loud. I love it because I LOVE seeing my time and distance increase and I LOVE how I feel after.

I recently went to Fairhaven Runners to get new shoes. I had always worn Nike Air Pegasus but recently switched to a pair of New Balance runners after Tough Mudder. Ian and I spent a couple hours talking to the sales guy telling him what he needed/wanted. We both walked out with a pair of shoes that in hindsight I’m not sure were the right ones.

After almost a year with these shoes, with tremendous hip pain I felt that since I was training for my first half marathon that getting some new shoes might be in order.

Steve G. from Fairhaven Runners was awesome! He was patient, answered all my questions and managed to get me in a shoe that I actually liked and happened to be on SALE! When does that EVER happen???


My new Asic Nimbus – in this hot coral/orange and pink color. LOVE!

When I tested out all the shoes these ones felt like they were helping me go faster. If you’ve seen me run I’m not quite graceful or fast. I feel like I’m clomping around and going nowhere. In my vision I will be able to run fast through trails one day – I can’t wait! In the meantime I’m thrilled that I at least like it.

My old New Balance – ugh!

Seawheeze Half Marathon August 23rd, 2014 – mom and dad will be there and Ian will be there too. Hopefully I will manage to do it under 2:32:17 that would be cool! But just being able to run the whole thing would be cool. We are all going to race – how fun will that be?


6km – 45mins – and she’s only 8! Oh, and it was pouring rain!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post Taisa!

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