One of the key things in my 10 year vision includes, children playing, sipping wine and admiring a gorgeous view will the men BBQ and the ladies laugh and chit chat. This of course is happening in our home and backyard and wasn’t necessarily planned.

This past weekend Ian and I spent the afternoon with some friends that live out in Langley. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we decided to stop by their parents house to wish a family friend happy birthday.

Before we knew it dinner was upon us and we ended up having a last minute family dinner. Ian and I were not expected, and our friends hadn’t anticipated staying, dinner went from 3 to 7 very quickly. After a quick trip to the grocery store and of course the wine shop we managed to cook up a delicious healthy meal and enjoyed it with friends.

I love the idea of having thepeople I care about most pop by and end up staying for dinner. It can be so fun, relaxing and of course delicious. The evening ended with a game of charades….I’m pretty sure we tied.



Can’t cook dinner without a little snack. Some creamy camembert, some delicious deli and crunchy crostini.
The wine….we decided to splurge a little and buy a couple nice ones and then took a suggestion from the lady at the liquor store. The Church & State was outstanding as was the Mooncurser. The Ancient Hill…. we could have done without!


One thing you may not know about me is that I can’t stand tap water. It repulses me…yup been drinking bottled water since I was 12! Even Brita water is only good when it’s cold and it’s the only option. This my friends was my GLASS of TAP WATER! Voted best water (not sure who the competitors were) but it was AMAZING! Now I didn’t drink the whole glass (you did see the wine picture above right? Ok good just checking) but I wouldn’t hesitate to reach for a glass there ever again.


As any good houseguest would – I was making the mashed potatoes, meanwhile these two kidnapped and posted a picture of themselves on my instagram! I had no idea until hours later when I saw all the likes on my phone. Dior is a friend that I met in Vancouver a while back but is actually from the same small town in Quebec where I’m from. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! It’s her in-laws where we were for dinner on their beautiful farm in Langley.


Finally – dinner! Shout out to Rebecca for the awesome meal. She roasted chicken, roasted asparagus – we actually had corn on the cob and homemade gravy and some cranberry sauce. One of my ALL time favourite meals! Washed it all down with some more wine and finally some strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Amazing visit. With wonderful people. The vision that I will one day carry out in my own home!

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