2 Cakes 1 day – Celebrations

The past 2 weeks have been beyond stressful. I learned that my contract wasn’t being extended which meant it was time to look for a new job. It was so surreal because I truly felt I was where I belonged.

I had decided to leave a full-time position that paid fairly well and allowed me quite a bit of flexibility for an amazing opportunity with lululemon athletica. In the 5 months I was with lulu, I made some great friends, experienced some personal challenges and learned a ton about the retail industry and recruitment. I wouldn’t have changed anything about it and would to this day make the same decision.

What I’ve learned about myself was my experience at Landmark Forum – something that really can only be experienced and not explained. But what it gave me was a common communication tool with my peers as well as gave me some insight about my reactions.

lululemon will forever be in my heart and they will see me again!

In celebration of my last day I baked a marble cake with buttercream icing. But I made it in the lululemon logo! I had been wanting to make this cake since my first day and it was so much fun to make.


It was then my darling friendly Marilyn’s birthday and I invited everyone over for dessert after. We wined and dined at Sandbar (Oysters, Calamari and Cajun Swordfish) then everyone came back for cake and salsa dancing (the salsa wasn’t planned, but it does typically happen when we all get together). Thank you Maikel for the lessons as always!

I made a Lemon Meringue Angel Food Cake – I’ve never made angel food, and next time I would buy an angel food pan. I used my bundt and now its ruined with egg white residue that I can’t seem to get off just yet.




I’ll post the recipe just not yet as I need to find it again – seems to have been misplaced! All in all a bittersweet weekend that was full of emotions and ended with a loaf of sourdough bread, curried red lentil soup and picked fish!

Recipes coming soon!

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