Fat Part 1

Mmmm FAT!

I LOVE fat – hence loving butter!

Salted butter. Un-Salted butter – it doesn’t really matter.
Peanut butter – not my top choice but I like it.
Almond butter – great alternative to peanut and can be added to so many things.
Avocado – I LOVE avocado! What else?
Yogurt – I LOVE yogurt! I notice when I get cravings they are usually fatty cravings – full, fat Greek yogurt especially.

Dairy – this is a tricky one. I love cheese- who doesn’t. However, I’ve come to learn I cannot enjoy dairy as a I used to. 

I recently did a 7 day cleanse and I have to say I think it’s helped me with my fat cravings. Everything tastes way too salty now (yay no need to add salt! Boo, it’s too salty!) but I think my craving for fat has decreased also.

Don’t get me wrong I am a huge advocate for FAT – HEALTHY fat of course, but we need it in our diets. I thought I should give it up a while back and realized that was not the right move.

On this cleanse (ReCleanse) a canadian product, it encouraged me to eat high density carbs, tons of fruits and veggies and fat of course. Complete meals as they call it. I did this. It was the better of the cleanses in terms of what is going in my body, had my energy, I worked out and I wasn’t exhausted! I’d say a win/win overall!

Now back to less carbs (clearly they are important when in half marathon training) but my body didn’t love eating them. I also didn’t do dairy (nothing new there) but added a bunch extra fruit. Whole Foods had my favourite Muscat Grapes in – I couldn’t resist as they come out once a year.

All in all FAT is important. In moderation and be sure it’s the right kind!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fat this is a great post as most people do not know what is a good fat or a bad fat and how much should be eaten…:)

    1. Ian says:

      Anonymous was me

    2. Taisa Rose says:

      That’s right! Enjoy it!

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