What I learned after Peaceful Restaurant Chinese

You know we all have those days. Where you just want to eat. You even sometimes eat super healthy. You sometimes eat healthy all day and then one meal you figure can’t hurt.

More recently I have avoided gluten, dairy and any non fruit sugars (ok lets be serious I’ve had wine…) but this past weekend after a fabulous Epicure Party – which consistent or lots of cheese…and wine…I thought Ian would love a Father’s Day dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Vancouver called Peaceful Chinese.

It was recently on “You gotta eat here!” and I know he loves Chinese so I put all doubt aside and thought – why not? Couldn’t hurt!


Nothing good came of this meal aside from trying a few new items. I thought to myself, maybe my gluten intolerance (because I have been tested for celiac) won’t bug me today.

Maybe mixing my proteins and carbs – won’t bug me today.


I let my food combining go.
I ate gluten.
And it was super greasy.

Well friends I’ve been in massive stomach pain for 2 days! I am openly admitting I ate this crap food, so be easy on me. But it never hurts to have a reminder that you eat the way you do so you don’t feel that way…..ever….again!

– You don’t eat gluten
– You don’t mix your protein’s with your carbs
– Don’t test the dairy theory – because you’ve proved it too!

So today I had:
– Dairy free smoothie with spinach
– hard boiled eggs
– homemade chicken broth
– Water

I feel SO much better!
Can’t survive on a liquid diet for too long – but it definitely helped kick start my stomach healing!

***Note: I’m not saying that Peaceful Chinese is a bad place to eat, I’m speaking from my experience in how I felt after eating there. Overall they have some great menu items, I just don’t think I will go back anytime soon.


This was the 5th Ave location

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