SeaWheeze Half Marathon – 2014!

Yup that’s right, did my first half marathon!!! It was something I set out to do in my first week at lululemon last November. I watched a video and thought, I need to do this! My parents signed up and we got to do it together.


Before the race – all smiles

While we registered in January, and I started thinking about running in December, it still wasn’t enough time! As you know I’ve been trying to lose weight (which would make running that much easier!) and still hadn’t managed to lose any by the time the race had arrived. I did manage to learn how to run though and actually developed an interest and eventually a love for it.


After the race – while I nearly passed out

My parents don’t run, but they can walk as fast as I can run. My brother made a good point when he said I better not let my 60+ year old parents beat me across the finish line. I remember the exact moment (while I was almost 2km ahead of them the whole time) I slowed down around Stanley Park. Let’s be clear about what I mean in terms of slow – I didn’t run, but I was walking faster than some of the runners. I didn’t stop once! It was just after KM 18 when I heard my mom cough. I looked up to see my dad flying past me (I had grabbed a water). Like hell he was going to pass me and get away with it.

Mom and I both picked up gears and caught up to my dad. KM 19 – the breathing starts to get harder (I couldn’t take a deep breath – lesson learned, practice my breathing for next time) dad slows down (yup I’ll admit it, dad slows down – mom did too technically) and we got closer to the end. I knew I wouldn’t stop, nor that I would give up – but the breathing was even harder at this point. My whole body was numb – but it felt good. Except the breathing.

We turn the corner – the finish line. I said I was going to sprint across the finish line – and you bet your butt I did! I took the biggest breath I could and I ran for it! We finished within seconds of each other and we were so happy and excited!


The route – 21.1km of beautiful Vancouver

So after all the pain and suffering and needing a week off to recover (I managed to hurt my foot – started at Tough Mudder last year) we decided to sign up again. All for that moment of glory when you cross the finish line. I love the training leading up to it and the mental focus it takes to get through it. I’m happy I was with my mom and dad and that it’s something we did together and will do again next year together (with my sister in law too).


My best picture of the day – when my darling coworker came to cheer me on Thanks Vix!!!

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  1. Hey there! It’s been a while and I was just thinking of you wondering how you are..Wow! Congratulations-I’ve thought that if I did a half marathon this one would be it-it looks so fun. You look like you had a blast! big hugs to you 🙂

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