I workout because…

Growing up we are taught to “treat others as we would like to be treated.” But I think we forget to treat ourselves as we would like others to treat us. 

I had 3.5 weeks off from exercise after 2.5 months of not missing a day (ok well I missed 3 days in 2.5 months) and I was discouraged. I wasn’t focused on me and I was afraid that I would never hit my goals. 

I eat well. But I eat a lot. 

I exercise daily. But I eat a lot. 

I get lots of sleep, take my vitamins and drink lots of water. But I eat a lot. 

21 Day Fix is helping me cut back on my portions and even though I hadn’t worked out I was still successful!

While I wasn’t working out I felt myself focusing on other things. Things that were out of my control. Things that prevented me from moving into the next level of health. 

I got back to work. 

My mood changed. My weight dropped and I’m clear again. I workout, because I love myself. Because I deserve to feel good as well as look good. And because I deserve it. 

Sometimes we treat other people better than we treat ourselves. Today I treated myself the way I want you to treat me. With love. With respect. With honesty and patience.  

5km walk run in the sunshine. I’m not a huge fan of posting pics of myself but sometimes you just gotta go for it.   

False Creek Vancouver    

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