The upside of positivity 

Often I find myself wanting to sit here and write about my struggles or challenges I’m having and start writing only to save it and never actually post anything. As anyone would experience some days are easier than others. 

I started reading this book two months ago: The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology that Fuel Success and Performance at Work by: Shawn Achor

I’ve been reading it slowly as it gets my full and undivided attention and I often go back and re read some sections to fully absorb the content. First off I have been a proponent of positive thinking and its life changing effects for years but this is a whole new level. The book isn’t telling me anything I didn’t know about positive thinking but it’s reminding me of the importance of staying positive and staying focused. 

We all know people who are negative and they can be draining to be around. I find we also tend to be more negative when we are around them and often our mood changes dramatically because of it. I try and avoid these types of people as I am very sensitive to this energy. I also hate bringing the negative energy along with me and affecting others. It can be difficult when in the work place or with a spouse, but this book focuses on challenging you to practice positivity and use it to your advantage. 

By appreciating even the little things in life we can get further ahead than those who don’t. I had some negative thoughts today as I was almost home from work. My hips were throbbing and I started telling myself that I’m never going to accomplish my fitness goals. That I’m not going to be able to do my second half marathon. That my “6 pack summer” (abs) are far from reality. I reached out to my friend because I needed a boost. I needed a reminder that we have setbacks but if I stay positive and do what I can when I can, I’ll be that much further ahead and successful than if I continue down the negative slope. 


Try this exercise. Write down three things a day that you are thankful for. Are proud of that you did or anything that just made you feel good and appreciate the things you have. Write them down and encourage your spouse and family to do this as well. Over family dinner or at breakfast each day or in your morning meetings at work. The affects can be tremendous. 

Today I am thankful for:

* coworkers who make me laugh everyday and who want to be successful

* friends that know what to say when you need to hear it 

* sunshine.   


We all have tough moments and that’s ok. It’s how we learn from them and grow that sets us apart. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Great article! You are a true ambassador of positive vibes and energy. We all have our ups and downs, we just need to embrace them and move forward. I have no doubt in my mind you will be finishing that second half and that 6 pack is well on its way! Can’t wait to celebrate those succeses with and many others to come!

    1. Taisa Rose says:

      You are an inspiration to me too Jessica! Thank you for your kind words and support. Let’s pick a challenge to do together!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the activity of sharing positive thoughts and things you are thankful for. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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