My first night run! 

We’ve all heard about the hip. This bloomin hip! Let me tell you that I have had a series of unfortunate events over the past 9 years that have lead me to discovering when my body is truly happiest. 

Yes gluten is the devil for me. No I will not die from it but the way it affects me emotionally is so dramatic that it’s not worth it. 

The hip – while it is a physical thing – where my glutes don’t activate properly so I’m using the wrong muscles everytime I do a squat. A lunge. A jumping jack (you name it) it’s also my pelvis, pereformas and my SI joints that are out of whack. All of that and throw in there so emotional stress (dealing with stress and loss) and voila we have the perfect recipe for pain. 

Now onto the main subject of running. I started running when I started working at lululemon back in Novemeber 2013. On my first day we watched a video of the Seawheeze (lulu half marathon) and I knew I had to be a part of it. I decided part of my vision & goals was that I was going to complete the Seawheeze and therefore learn how to run and subsequently lose weight. 

I didn’t train nearly as much as I should have. And I walked a good portion of the race just barely beating my parents by seconds as they power walked the whole thing! At the end I could barely walk and had a minor stress fracture for almost 6 months. 

Come January. I started running again. New Year’s Day with my friend who is also nursing a broken ankle/foot. This time running took on a whole new meaning. Not only was I going to run the Seawheeze again but I still hadn’t actually learned how to run. I was getting by but this time I wanted to run. Fast forward to end of April….today for that matter. My hip has been bothering me on off lately for almost two months. But when I run…I feel like I’m in my own little world. A solid 5km run is a breeze now. I’m trimming time and loving the challenge of beating my last time. 

While I may not be the fastest or able to go the furthest, what I am accomplishing for myself is real. I’m pushing my own boundaries and teaching my body what feels good and works. And that my friends is something to write home about. I love running because it challenges me, gives me time to think and makes me feel like a million bucks especially when I don’t feel that way otherwise. 

Bring on the 21 day fix workouts – with modifications. This girl is on a mission! Next stop 10 km I preparation for the big race in August. 


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