Indoor Cycling aka Spin Class

Last May my girlfriend Dior asked if I wanted to get my spin certification. “Why not?” I said. And so we did. 

It was a day long course at Inner Fit Studio with Rachel Saey that cost $200. I wasn’t sure I would ever teach but decided it would be fun and something that I may want to do down the road. 

Come july I decided, “why not teach?!” Bring in some extra income, get paid to workout and most importantly inspire others to live healthy lives. I reached out to a few places (community centers at first) and set up my First Aid training course as well. 

A few weeks passed when out of the blue I got a call. I was nervous but managed to land a full time slot on Friday nights at 6pm at Trout Lake Community Centre. I spent a few weeks sitting in with different instructors and then taught my first class in September 2014. The class had 18 people which was almost capacity.

No big deal. I got this! 

I reached out to another place. Spartacus Gym on Commercial Drive. They hired me based on the feedback from the class. This is where it gets really good!

I landed a full time spot on Saturday mornings at 8:30 am based on one class that I taught! 

The best part is that on Friday and Saturday I see men and women who come to my class every week. I like to think it’s because they enjoy it, but I’m sure it also fits well with their schedules. I am officially an instructor and looking to always get better so I can teach more classes. 

Next up: yoga teacher training in Bali and Nutrition School!

 Part of my Saturday morning crew! 

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