Typical Day

Having started the 21 Day Fix (to help me focus on controlling my food portions, encourage regular exercise and encourage others to do the same) I find it beneficial to know my plan for food in advance. While this doesn’t happen everyday/every week, it does happen enough that I know how much I can and…


Yesterday I went for a run. A 10km run. I went with my sister-in-law who has recently started running and who will be doing the 2015 Seawheeze with me.     While we’ve both been training hard and have basically the same amount of experience running, she has been training on a hills while I’ve been…

Gluten Free, yup that’s me!

I wanted to post an update on how my gluten free lifestyle is going. In addition to traditional gluten sources I’ve also eliminated soy including gluten free soya sauce.  Is it soy? Or soya? Either way you know what I mean! My “issue” with gluten is hard for people to comprehend because I’m not celiac….

Sablefish aka blackcod: first of many

My girl LP came over tonight for date night. The evening in which I spoil her with good food and wine and treat her like I’m the best boyfriend alive. She loves it and so do I.  You know I love to cook. But I especially love cooking for other people who truly enjoy food….