Typical Day

Having started the 21 Day Fix (to help me focus on controlling my food portions, encourage regular exercise and encourage others to do the same) I find it beneficial to know my plan for food in advance. While this doesn’t happen everyday/every week, it does happen enough that I know how much I can and cannot eat. 

I wanted to share what a typical day looks like for me!  

In the picture above we have, breakfast, snack and my lunch as well as my coffee and water.  

Breakfast is usually two eggs scrambled (with grassfed butter) topped with 1 tablespoon Mrs. Renfro’s Green Salsa and eaten with two corn tortillas (not shown here). I have my multivitamin, B12 and my B100 before slowly sipping my coffee (with cream…not 21 Day Fix approved – but I have one coffee a day and don’t even drink the whole cup) Typically 2 hours later I will enjoy my snack. This is usually some raw veggies (sometimes with humus sometimes not) or a delicious smoothie. Shakeology, greens, berries, banana, chia, flax, water/coconut water/almond milk for liquid – blend and enjoy! I also always start my day with 8 ounces of water – where I add my liquid chlorophyll. Making sure to keep my body as alkaline as possible! I am constantly sipping on water (I have 3-4 of these water bottles filled with 9.5pH Kangen water – yup that’s right my high alkaline water) and aim for 3 liters per day! I sneak in my liquid iron (was diagnosed with low iron a while back and want to try and keep on top of it) Lunch is next and has been a Greek salad tossed with lemon juice (and more water). The afternoons I typically want something sweet and/or fatty. This is usually a piece of fruit (trying to hit my quotas with my 21 Day Fix) and again more water. Dinner is probably my most varied meal. Typically protein and veg, although sometimes it’s eggs or even a treat out with a friend!  

After a post work workout (see below) I power shopped at Costco and decided chicken and beans would be on the menu for tonight. 

  Me and part of my team busting a solid workout after a crazy day! Sun was shining and quite frankly it’s not hard to workout when you have such a beautiful view! Thanks girls for working me out! 

After dinner I had some dessert. I have a weakness for Greek yogurt and honey (and I don’t do this daily) but had some Krema Greek yogurt with Basswood Farm honey to finish my day! 


Watching what you eat, doing some exercise and enjoying time with friends doesn’t have to be stressful. Meal planning comes in all different fashions but having the ingredients on hand and going in with a plan takes the guess work out if it and makes your healthy lifestyle easier. I love having a game plan and will adjust and modify as I progress!

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  1. Maz says:

    Looks great Taisa! Awesome!!

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