The Biggest Lesson I’ve learned…Being Single

My friend Eddie pointed out that in my post about what I’ve learned since being single (#singlesowemingle), I missed one key point. 

He said that when we are single we begin to develope our sense of self and figure out who we are. But the trick is not to lose that when getting back into a relationship. 

I told Eddie that this was such a big learning that it required its own post! 

This is the epitome of what I am trying to do for myself. We grow up and live our lives according to our parents and siblings. Then we spend time learning from our friends and adjusting to the pressures of fitting it and wanting to be liked in high school then eventually getting into relationships where we often continue this quest of learning and conforming to what works with that other person. 

This is the first time in nearly 10 years that I’ve been single for longer than a few months. Completely and 100% on my own. Fending for myself, cooking, cleaning (refer to previous post!) you name it. While it has its challenges it has been quite eye opening. 

What I know is that my ideal partner will get the best version of me because I will be ready for that person. I will have established the things that I need to take care of me and to ensure a happy and healthy me. It’s important for me to carry these healthy and happy habits into whatever journey I step into next because I am the best version of myself. 

It’s amazing how when you take the time to actually pay attention: good, bad, happy, f*cked up! You actually begin to learn more about yourself. This can be the difference in so many things in your life. 

While I pointed out my learnings/challenges of what has happened so far the key will be holding onto these things moving forward. And while I’m not in a relationship with anyone but myself the day will come and when it does I will be ready. Ready for me is different than it is for you. But all I can say is that I’m really excited about who I am, who im becoming and all the exciting things to come!

***Today I had one of those super fantastic days. The ones you long for. Great day at work. Awesome workout. An inspiring chat with a dear friend. A delicious meal. A clean house and now a hot bath before bed. These are the days I live for and the days I want to create each and every day!***

Ground taco moose on a bed of cabbage with tomato red pepper corn avocado and a bit of feta and fresh lime juice. So delicious. Healthy. Filling. And the best part I have left overs for a few more meals! Refer to Can’t get enough Mexican for the above!

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