Lessons in Gratitude & Moose Ramen

Each day we have things we need to accomplish, things that have to be done in order to sustain ourselves. Working. Eating. Sleeping…but we also have things that we want to accomplish. 

One thing I learned several years ago was the difference between ‘wanting’ and ‘shoulding’. You’ll notice that I rarely say things such as:  “I should go for a run” or “I should stop eating” or “I should clean my house”. It was a subtle change that made a huge difference in my life. 

Now sometimes we should ourselves because really we want to do the opposite of the thing that we are telling ourselves to go and do. And sometimes we go and do that thing and realize just how good it made us feel and that maybe we might want to do more of it. 

This leads me to Gratitude. A lesson I’m learning, in the small way that we do so many things and often don’t even think about it. We make good choices (and bad) and we take advantage of ourselves for doing them. 

More recently fitness and health have become my life rather than just a part of it. But I gave myself a bunch of high fives when I realized just how well I’ve been doing. How each time I make a choice to feed my body healthy foods or go for a run, I am making a choice that suits me. I realized today that I often have just gone through the motions. Up, get ready for work. Work. Workout. Socialize. Sleep. And repeat. It’s as though I forgot to stop and smell the Roses. But what’s the point in doing all these things if we don’t stop? And don’t acknowledge the efforts we put in – big or small. 

I actually stopped to smell these roses. 

 I made a lot of good choices today and I acknowledged each and everyone. It made them that much more bad ass! I didn’t should myself. I just took care of me and did what I wanted to do. Yay Taïsa! 

Take a moment. Look at all the things you’ve done and acknowledge yourself because you did it! Be thankful and be kind to yourself as you would anyone else.

Now, Enough mushy stuff! Onto the food. 

Moose Ramen

  • Leftover ground taco moose from this previous post (including corn)
  • Gluten free Rice ramen noodles – lotus foods found at Costco! 
  • Chopped cabbage
  • Homemade chicken bone broth (I used this recipe for the broth)
  1. Heat broth. Add noodles. Stir till partially cooked. 
  2. Add chopped cabbage and stir till slightly soft. 
  3. Add taco moose and corn 
  4. Once heated serve into a bowl and enjoy!


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