Tired All the Time?

Ironically on two separate occasions the issue of “feeling tired all the time” came up. This is a feeling that I am not completely familiar with. 

While I take my B vitamins (B100 and B12) iron because I’m deficient, have a coffee in the morning and often a green tea in the afternoon, I attribute my energy levels to a few different things. 

  1. The food I eat
  2. The exercise I do
  3. My attitude
  4. 8 hrs of sleep (more often than not) 
  5. 3+ liters of water & vitamins


While we’ve been through the whole gluten free thing, this has been a huge asset in my attitude and emotional state which keeps me motivated to eat healthy and exercise. It’s easy to go to a restaurant or coffee shop and not eat the “bad” food because I can’t. 

*** Remember, I like balance. I eat my fair share of “bad” food but I do it in a very different way. I’ll elaborate further later. 

Fresh fruit and vegetables. Lean protein and fats as well as good carbs will help you with that tired feeling. Eating regularly feeds your metabolism and gives your body energy. If you are trying to lose weight or you’re feeling tired all the time, look at what is going into your body. 

When we talk about alkaline foods etc. what this means is food that won’t cause inflammation in the body. Acidic foods (sugar, alcohol, processed crap) is literally eating away at your body from the inside out. We feel puffy and tired and cranky. 

Next we look at exercise. Most people are “too tired” by the end of the day. Or “don’t have enough time in the morning” the list goes on about energy and lack of exercise. The funny thing is, that the exercise GIVES YOU ENERGY! 

Imagine that?!

By moving your body you’re creating endorphins and sending happy and good feelings to the rest of your body. Add the healthy food and some water and sleep and you have the perfect combination. 

I haven’t been working out in the morning as much lately. I haven’t been sleeping well and then my workout suffers in the morning. Instead atleast 3 days a week I run or workout on my lunch break (most of us get an hour, some take it and some don’t) I also have three set exercise dates per week. I teach spin twice and I run with Christine on Sunday’s. This ensures that I’m being active and it’s part of my social life. Then we throw in evenings where I don’t have plans (or I do and we are active when together) and Voilà! Recipe for success. 

I know some of you have kids. I know some of you have kids and you are doing it alone. You work long hours you work far away from home etc etc etc. but the next part is attitude. 

Why do you want to workout? Why do you want to eat healthy? What is the motivation? Who is this important for? You want to feel better? Look better? The list goes on. You are the only person who has control of yourself, you decide how you spend your time and with whom. All of the food and exercise won’t help if you don’t have the right attitude. Or the right motivations. 

Lastly sleep, water and vitamins. We need to rest. We aren’t machines and we need our body’s to slow down. Doesn’t mean we don’t move or we spend all day in bed. It means we do what our body’s are telling us. Sleep. Watch tv. Read. Whatever! 

Water is important. I don’t need to elaborate. And vitamins are optional but I’ve noticed a huge difference when I’m taking mine and when I don’t. 

You have to figure out what works for you. But you have to change your attitude to make the rest of it all worth while.  


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