30 Days of Yoga – The Lessons

Today marked my 30th day of yoga. The majority of my classes were hot and the majority took place at Moksha Yoga East Vancouver. 

I had one pivotal class at Moksha Kelowna where the entire time I was dripping with sweat it felt as though the instructor was talking to me. He kept reminding me about being in the present. Thinking about the now. Breathing through the pose and staying in the moment. 

It made me realize just how forward thinking I am. I am always thinking about what’s next. I rarely sit in the moment. 

I also learned that it’s easy to sit and complain about other things. Blaming these other things for you not enjoying your class or not doing well. Yoga isn’t about perfection or being flexible or looking good. It’s about breathing. Paying attention to your body and letting things go. (We can learn from this!)

I watched a video that was shared with me where the guy was talking about this same thing. And he reminded me that kids are truly in the moment. It’s only adults who live for the past or the future. 

The last 30 days have been amazing. I’ve held the longest plank I’ve ever done. Outdoing my best time by over 50%.  

And today I ran my best 5k during my lunch hour at 26 mins. Knocking 3 mins off my time. 

I feel stronger. 

I feel lighter. 

I feel better. 

I want yoga to be a part of my daily life because I have seen such big changes in my physical and emotional self. 

Now onto a Bikram studio for another challenge!

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