It’s been over 20 years since I started drinking bottled water. While I struggle with the concept of having my water sit in plastic before I drink it, versus it being room temperature and tasting not so delicious, I figure I do what is best for me. Note: I don’t drink bottled water cause I think it’s better for me, I drink it because of the taste. I don’t like tap water because of the flavor. And yes, I can taste the difference! 

Every day I start my day with a large glass of Chlorophyll water. Something I’ve been doing for a few years when I was very focused on my alkaline lifestyle and trying to balance the ph in my body. 

At home the water I drink is spring water and has a ph of 7.4 (add the chlorophyll and it shoots up there!) I then make my way to my favourite gluten free restaurant (Smak) right by my work for my Kangen water. The ph is 9.5 and it’s absolutely delicious! 

Kangen is a fancy machine you can purchase the plugs into your tap and has various settings for various types of water. The water passes over fancy ionized filters that help aid in sleep, weight loss, vitamin absorption and many other wonderful benefits. I drink a little between the restaurant and finishing my breakfast. I try and refill my bottle multiple times throughout the day and aim to have 3 liters minimum each day. 

 Since cutting alcohol out of my diet I’ve replaced it with more water and like to do sparkling once in awhile for a little treat. Enter my SodaStream!

Ideally I’d have a Kangen machine and could drink it all day everyday but at the retail price of $5000 it’s just not a priority right now. One day!

Water has so many health benefits. People are always asking about my skin and I would attribute it to the water among other reasons. 

Make sure you’re getting lots of water to stay hydrated and if you have weight loss goals, to help with that process as well. 

Remember the self care, your body needs it!


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  1. Tanya says:

    Water is number for everyone:) It’s impossible to live without this magic drink:)) We lucky to drink the best what we can find:)

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