Vietnamese and the lesson I keep on learning

Every few months my body tells me to slow down. Every time it surprises me. This time not only did it surprise me (when I twisted my ankle on my hike with a girlfriend) but my reaction surprised me too. 

I rested. 

Nikki. Me and Beacon. With a 600 year old redwood. 

I learned that when I’m doing too much my body will fail and I learned that when I’m keeping myself that busy, I suffer. This is nothing new and even after more than a year of training I still get reminded to slow down. 

Growing up we played all the sports. We were on all the teams. Had all the lessons. I loved it! To this day I still do all the things (and eat all the food!) what I haven’t yet learned, but am working on, is that we need to rest our bodies and minds as well. Going full-throttle is great if it’s balanced with rest and self care. 

The twisted ankle weekend included 2 spin classes. 3 hot yoga classes. A 2HR hike and a 9k run. While I had the energy and got to spend time with girlfriends, I’d say that’s a lot. 

Balance folks! We don’t have to do it all even if we want to and if other things are being sacrificed (like eating at a reasonable time and taking care of your body) then something isn’t right and it might be time to check-in! 

After a great Sunday afternoon with girlfriends I decided to cook up a warm healthy and delicious meal. 

Cha Ca La Vong – I made this dish with the substitutes found below. Next time my goal is to find a way to substitute the sugar as this is the one thing I’d like to eliminate. 

  • Soy sauce – coconut aminos
  • Flour – gluten free blend

It was delicious and flavorful and definitely worth trying! 

The side next to it was a simple crunchy Thai salad with peanut dressing. The warm fish and rice noodles with the fresh crunch of the salad were great! 


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