Yes & No

I am a yes girl. I say yes to most things, often without even thinking (or checking to make sure I’m not double booking myself). Saying yes comes out of many places for me:

  • Fear of missing out aka FOMO – the fear that if I say no and I don’t go or do the thing, I’ll miss out (this is a thing, seriously!)
  • Wanting to please – when your boss asks you to do something, your parents, whoever really – you want them to be proud of you, know you work hard, like you or be thankful for you, so you do it – you don’t hate doing it, you actually like doing it or enjoy it in the moment and possibly stretch yourself thin at the same time and in the moment you’re ok with it.
  • For me – sometimes, yes believe it or not, I actually say YES! for me. Strategic, well thought out and deep down in my guts YES!!!!

August – I said YES to my dream-job! #joblove #thesweatlife #designingthelifeIlove

September – I said YES to my dream guy! (more to come at the end)

October – I said YES to me, myself and I.
(I also said “I want this one!” – to my wedding dress.)


No isn’t a word that I find in my vocabulary very often. No thank you to treats at work, no thank you to wine or drinks (New Goals – to be updated SOON!) and sometimes (sometimes….) I say no to help create a sense of harmony in my life. This my friends is the No I’m REALLY talking about.

The no that says YES to me. (Makes sense right?!)

In all our days and experiences we get to choose for ourselves what we want. It’s not always easy. In my saying no this month and saying YES to me I’ve started to design the life that I love. The life that I want for me and my family.

Some of these No’s are actually Yes’s in disguise.

I’m not great at saying No or saying YES for me. It’s something I’m working on and find the more I decide to put me first and be me, the easier the Yes’s come and the No thank you are to say. We can’t expect perfection, we can however chip away and work on the things we want that make our lives more full. I get to decide how I spend my time, who I spend my time with and what my days look like and it’s up to me to make the decisions that I feel great about.

Choose for you, not what you think others want to hear!

On Choosing my dream guy:

Ok you know you skipped down to here so make sure you finish the above post because it makes more sense if you do.

September 22, 2016 – the day I got engaged.
I honestly wasn’t expecting this moment to happen that day, nor did I expect it to happen this year. I thought for sure (I knew it would happen eventually) it was a good 12 months away. He proposed at a moment where my past was finally in the past and our future was literally sitting before our eyes. The thought that went into this engagement, the people who were involved (the amount who knew and kept it a surprise!) and the whole experience to this day, still takes my breath away.

“I’m so excited we closed that chapter in our lives”
Enter the ring box
“I look forward to starting the next one with you”
Ring box open – Taisa exit stage left (I ran away in complete disbelief)
“Will you marry me?”
Him, down on one knee, me, bent over in shock (like eyes wide open, jaw to the ground, WTF, shock).


I of course, said yes!

I said yes for me. The deep down inside, know that this is what I want and no one else can tell me what to do, YES!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tanya says:

    Have a beautiful and romantic weekend! I miss you:) Be happy with Mister Right 🙂

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