Roasted & Raw Dinner Bowls

It’s already been a crazy and fun year and we’ve only just begun!

After the fall renovations, we successfully sold my condo. I was in that condo for 5.5 years and loved every minute of it. My first place! The condo was a game changer for me, having my own place and after selling, set us up to buy a new home. We got the keys on January 27th and are splitting our time between a rental house in Vancouver and our new home in the Okanagan.

In the meantime, we welcomed to our family, Lamar – our (now) 11 week old Golden Retriever puppy. You can follow him on Instagram @life_o_lamar . Lamar is a big reason why we wanted to buy a house, he’s my first dog that I’ve had and have wanted my entire life and lights up my day from 6am wake up calls to 10pm bedtimes.


So many more exciting things to come, with the wedding, the house renovations and the adventures of Lamar.

In the spirit of this being a food blog, I want to share one of my go-to meals that I enjoyed frequently throughout the cold winter nights.

Roasted & Raw Dinner Bowls (can be eaten anytime and is a saving grace for cleaning out the fridge or a good fix when you don’t know what you want to eat for dinner)


  • cauliflower – roasted (cut into bite sized pieces, on a pan drizzle with olive oil and season with salt – turmeric, any spices you want depending on the flavour you might be interested in having) in the oven 400 degrees – for 30+ min.
  • yam/sweet potato/squash – a hearty starchy veg – also roasted. Same pan as the cauliflower is fine.
  • lettuce – any time of greens you may have chopped up in a bowl to make your base
  • pomegranate seeds – remove a chunk from a pomegranate – 2 tablespoons or so works fine
  • feta cheese – crumbled
  • avocado – turned into a guacamole of sorts – mushed up with lime and seasoning
  • pumpkin seeds – toasted in a frying pan to just bring out the flavour
  • peppers – cut up a 1/4 cup approx of peppers (red, yellow, orange)
  • protein -if you have some left over protein in the fridge use it – if not, don’t
  • lime juice – squeezed on top of everything


  1. place lettuce in the bowl.
  2. top lettuce with all the other ingredients
  3. squeeze lime juice
  4. dig in!


These are two different versions of the dinner bowl. Not a very pretty picture and they taste sooooo great!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks yummers Taisa! M

  2. Tanya says:

    Lamar-looks amazing!!! I already love him!!! Congratulations, dear!!! Enjoy your new life in your sweet home with Mr. Right!!! Good luck at everything!!!

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